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Monday, May 4, 2015

And now for something completely different...(besides the title)

...well maybe not COMPLETELY.
I think, but I'm not sure, and I am FAR too lazy to check, that I may have posted the original version of this image. Of course, this is the staircase inside the Currituck lighthouse. So what is COMPLETELY different is that I have begun to transmogrify a selected few of my photographs into even more abstract artsy-fartsy things. SO, for the next several posts, I'll be posting that stuff. And maybe, if you are really nice, I'll post some original artwork I made from scratch. If you can't stand waiting, there should be one of those annoying banner-like ads on the right...near the bottom. That will take you to a Society6 shop that features all of my current work (that I have posted there...not everything from this blog is there and vice-versa).